Saturday, March 9, 2013

Convert existing web project to office app using Visual Studio 2012

Converting an existing web project to office app in Visual Studio 2012 is as simple as a piece of cake. Simply follow the instructions below to get started and see it for yourself.

  1. Right click on your web project.

  1. Click on “Add App for Office Project”. After this you will be given a dialog asking you for few options which are similar to the ones when you create a new “App for Office” Project.
  2. After this you can see that a new project {YourProjectName}.office is added into your solution. This project holds the manifest file used by Microsoft Office to determine the app’s information.
  3. After that don’t forget to check the Source Location under manifest settings.
  4. Now save your solution and then fire up your application clicking on the start tool bar button.

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